When an employee decides to leave the company, there is a very simple process of making them  'Leaver' within the system. 

To make an employee a leaver, you will need to go to their Employee File and select the 'Leaver' icon. 


 Upon clicking on leaver icon you will be asked to enter the leaving date and reason for leaving; there are additional fields such as the employee's last working day and their resignation date however, these are optional fields. 

Once submitted, the employee's time off allowance will be automatically pro-rated based on their leaving date. 

The employee will remain an active employee in the system until their leave date at which point, their employee file will be moved into an archive which can be accessed via the "View Archived Employees" button located next to the Quick add option beneath the employee files. 


Within the archive, you will be able to interact, view any documents, restore or even delete the employee's file. 

Please Note: Natural HR will NEVER delete any employee's data from the system, if you no longer deem it necessary to keep a record of the file's of your leavers, you will need to manually delete this from the system. Deleting their data from the system is an IRREVERSIBLE action so please exercise caution. 

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