Working Patterns

Within Natural HR, it is possible to create flexible working patterns which can be used if an employee's working days' differ as the weeks go on. 

For example, if Joe works Monday to Friday every week but then works every 3rd Saturday - this can be automated using Working Patterns. Likewise, this feature can be used in simple shift pattern scenarios such as 4 days on and 4 days off. 

 Enabling Flexible Working Patterns

To enable the working patterns feature; as an administrator, you will need to go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings

From here, select the "Working Patterns checkbox" beneath the Module Display section. 

Once submitted, a new icon will appear on the employee file for "Working Pattern."


Once inside, you will be displayed with three different types of working patterns, each of these are outlined throughout this article. 

Alternating Pattern

For example, as mentioned before if an employee worked very Monday to Friday and every 3rd Saturday, this would be inputted as the below:




If the employee's time is being managed in Hours rather than days, instead of entering 1 in each of the boxes, you should enter how many hours per day this employee will be working. 

Working patterns will then be taken into account when employees are completing other actions such as requesting time off or submitting timesheets.

4 week varying working pattern

The 4 week varying pattern allows you to define different days for particular weeks. For example, during "week 1", an employee may work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday however, during the following week, the employee may work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This should be entered as below in this instance:

If the employees' time off is being calculated in hours rather than days, you should enter the amount of hours which they will be doing each day in this section instead of "1". 

Important Note: Regardless of whether or not this a 2, 3 or 4 week working pattern you must always enter the working pattern across all 4 weeks. As with the example above, as our pattern is only two weeks - you will need to repeat both of the first and second week patterns into the rows for week 3 and 4 to make sure that this works successfully. 

The small checkbox above the table labelled "weeks pattern loop until end date?" will give you the ability to automatically cycle through the working pattern until the end date which will need to be entered at the top of the page. If the end date or check box is left blank, the working pattern by default, will cycle through automatically until the end of your holiday year. 

On Off Pattern

You can also populate working patterns based on the number of days which and employee works and then does not work by simply putting these figures in the respective fields. 

Once submitted, this will populate the working days list but on the 4 days on and 4 days off basis. 

Once any of the above three patterns have been populated, the list at the bottom of the page will populate automatically with the dates when this employee is working - with the option to manually add to, edit or delete any of the working day entries

Please note: using the days on and days off system will not take into account public or company holidays and will purely calculate the working pattern from the provided date. 

Any amendments to this pattern must be made manually. 


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