Time off range report

Within the reporting library of Natural HR, there is the option to run a Time off range report which will allow you to view all time off within a particular date range. 

To access the time off range report you will need to go to Reporting > Report Library where beneath "Time off Reports", you will see the option for "Time off range report"


The time off range report will allow you to input a date range using the "Date 1" and "Date 2" fields, which will upon selecting Submit, populate the below table with all instances of absence which fall within the inputted date range. 

Each of the lines in the table will represent a single date where an employee has time off entered between the date range. If a request spans across multiple different days, each of these days will show as an individual line in the report; you will need to identify those lines which are linked to the same request by using the "Record ID" column which will determine which of these individual lines are linked to the same request. 



Filtering the Time off range report

Using the filters below each column, the report can be filtered to manipulate the report further and display certain entries. 

For example, Using the dropdown list below "Time off type" to select contains and by typing "Sickness" into the filter, the table has been reorganised to only show me instances of sickness between the chosen date range. 

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