Custom screening questions

Within the recruitment module, custom screening questions can be set up at both a company and requisition level to capture any information which your company requires about a candidate. 

Requisition level questions created by adding a new requisition via Recruitment >  Requisitions, relate directly to an individual requisition and can be displayed in a number of different ways:

Text Area - Multiple Line: Creates a text box allowing multiple lines of text to be entered by the applicant

Text Area - Single Line: A text area which is designed for short answers, only allows applicants to enter one line of text. 

Yes or No: A drop-down list containing 'Yes' and 'No' responses

Date field: A date picker which will ask the applicant to select a specific date. 

Up to 5 custom screen questions can be added to a requisition in addition to any company level screen questions which are entered via Recruitment > Options > List page settings.

The same question types as the above can be applied to up to 10 company-level screening questions which will be applied to the application form of all requisitions. 





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