Setting up Time off in Lieu

Time off in Lieu with Timesheets

Time off in lieu can be automatically accrued from the timesheets module. This can be configured so that any time which is worked by an employee which is over and above their contracted working hours is returned to the employee as a bookable time off allowance. 

To set this up, an administrator will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Time off settings (global) and under the 'Accrual' section, set the "Timesheets overtime auto accrue time off in lieu" field to 'Yes'. 

Once submitted, any overtime which has been recorded in timesheets will be accrued as Time off in lieu.

Viewing,editing or manually adding time off in lieu allowances 

To view, edit or manually add accrued time off in lieu to the system, you will need to go to Administration > HR > time off management > time off in lieu accrued

The table will clearly display any accrued time off in lieu where the 'Pencil' and 'Cross' icons alongside each entry will allow you to edit or delete the allowances respectively. 

To manually add Time off in lieu allowances to the system, you will need to select the green 'Add' button below the table, select the employees name from the dropdown list and enter their Time off in lieu figure which is been accrued. 

Once submitted, this allowance will then be added to the system. 

Note: If you would like to use Time off in Lieu without the timesheets module, then you can do so by manually adding the allowances using this section and disregarding the first section of the article. 

Creating a bookable time of in lieu allowance

In order for employees to be able to book their time off in lieu and use the accrued allowance, either an administrator or HR level user will need to set a time off type which incorporates Time off in Lieu. 

You will need to go to Administration > HR > Time off management > time off types and select add to add a new time off type to the system. 

When setting the Time off in lieu type settings, in order for this type to be firstly, linked to the auto-accrued time off in lieu allowance and secondly, bookable by employees: the following fields will need to be set to 'Yes'.

"Time off In lieu?"

"Bookable by employees?"

Once your settings for this type have been submitted, employees will be able to select your time off in lieu time off type from the options when they request time off. 




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