Employee Medical Information

Within Natural HR, there is a dedicated section for storing any of your employee's medical information.

 Enabling Medical Module

To enable the Medical information module an administrator will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Display Settings  and beneath the 'Module display' 

The types of information which can be stored are as follows:

  • Allergies
  • Medical Conditions
  • Medication
  • Other

When storing allergy and medical condition information to an employee, this will require administrators to pre-populate a list of allergies and medical conditions for users to select from. 

Populating Allergies and Medical conditions

As an administrator or a HR level user, you will need to go to Administration > HR > Medical. Within this menu, you will need to select either Allergies or Medical conditions. 

Once inside either section, selecting the green 'Add' button below the table will allow you to input the name of the allergy or condition along with a custom description 


 Adding Medical information for employees

To add medical information for employees into the system you will need to visit their employee file via People > Employees. 

Once you have found their file, you will need to select the Medical Icon below their employee card

Once inside this section, a table showing any existing medical information for this individual will be displayed but to add new information in, select the green 'Add' button below the table. 




When entering the relevant information, the 'Critical' field refers to whether emergency action such as calling an ambulance, is required in the event of a reaction / episode.

Once submitted, if you return to the medical conditions table, a comprehensive list of all of the medical information for this employee can be viewed. 

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