Bulk-approve time off

Within Natural HR, there is the option to allow managers to bulk-approve time off requests; this is especially useful if there are multiple requests which require approval at the same time. 

Note: Enabling this feature will give approver users the ability to approve requests without viewing the details.

Enabling Bulk-timeoff approvals 

As an administrator-level user, you will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff settings (global)

Under the General Settings section, you will need to set the 'Timeoff bulk approve' field to 'Yes'. 

Once this has been submitted, approving time off requests in bulk will be enabled. 


Bulk-approving requests

To approve the multiple requests, you will need to go to Time and attendance > time off and select the check boxes next to each of the requests which you would like to approve in bulk: once all of them have been selected, open up the drop-down list below the bottom-right corner of the table and select 'Approve'. 





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