Asset Management

Asset Management 

Enterprise edition only

Creating an Asset Category:

As the scale of business operations increases, so does the difficulty of tracking assets. This can be a huge cost to the business if employees leave without returning phones and laptops that the company bought.

In order to assign assets to employees, you must first create asset categories, such as ‘IT’. You can do this through:

                              Administration > Company > Settings > Assets > Asset Categories

Once on the Asset Categories page, click the green ‘add’ button and fill out the relevant fields. Note that assigning a ‘parent’ would cause this category to be a sub category of another.



After the fields are filled out, click submit and your category has been created.

Creating an Asset Type:

After creating an Asset Category, the next step is creating types of assets to have within this category. For the example of ‘IT’, assets within this could be a mobile phone, laptop etc. To do this, go through:

Administration > Company >Settings > Assets > Asset Types

Once you’re on the Asset Types page, click the green ‘add’ button. Add a name for the asset type and choose the category that the particular asset belongs to.  Click submit and the asset type is created.

Assigning an Asset to a User:

Now that you’ve created your asset category and specific asset type, you can assign this to a user. This is done through:

Facilities > Assets

On this screen, you should see all your created asset. To assign an asset to a user, click the ‘check out’ icon under the ‘actions’ menu. The icon will look like this: 

From here, you can assign the length of time that an employee will have the asset for, and whether they must sign electronically in order to receive the asset.

Once the fields in this page are filled in, click ‘submit’ and the asset will be assigned to an employee for the selected length of time or indefinitely if no “To date” has been entered.



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