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Within Natural HR, there is the ability to upload a .Zip file containing multiple files into the system and allocating them to employee files eliminating the need to go through employee's files individually when uploading documents or profile photos. 

To begin, you will need to save the each of the image files or documents into a consolidated Zip file ready to upload. 

Tip for success: When naming the files which you are about to upload, we recommend using both the name of the employee, their work ID (If applicable) and the title of the document as this will save you time in identifying which employees this files belong to. 

Uploading a .Zip file

Whilst logged in to an administrator account, you will need to enter the following URL to access the file uploader: 


If you select the green "Upload" button, you will be able to upload your .Zip file to the system. 

Once you have selected Submit, the blue banner at the top of the screen will confirm when the upload has been completed. 


Image files:

When uploading image files, the image will display as below. If you would like to automatically apply this as the profile photo for this employee you will need to select the "Is this a profile image?" checkbox above the employee name. Once you have selected the employee's name who this image relates to select "Next" and this will be uploaded as the profile image for this employee. 

If the checkbox for the profile image is left blank, the image will be stored under "Employee documents" on the employee file and not assigned as their profile image. 

The page will then switch to the next file in the folder automatically for you to repeat the process.



.PDF Files

Files which have been uploaded as a .PDF document will be embedded into the system - this will enable you to view the document in a window before you allocate this to an employee. To assign this to the Employee documents section of an employee's file you will simply need to select the relevant employee's name from the drop-down list and select "Next" to proceed. 


Microsoft Word Documents / Rich Text Format Documents

Word documents and rich text file documents cannot be viewed within the application in the same way that .PDF documents can. However, by clicking on the Magnifying glass icon above the name of the document you will be given the option to download the file to view it's contents. 




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