Form builder form types

Using the form builder tool, there are several different types of forms which can be created, completed electronically and stored within Natural HR to eliminate the need for paper-files. 

 You can access the form builder by going to Administration > Company > Form Builder 

The types of forms which can be created within Natural HR are:

Performance Review - A review or appraisal form which can be electronically published out to employees for them to complete and return. Review forms can have multiple sections containing different permissions for example, employees could be given access to the first half of the form to complete whereas the other half of the form could be for managers only. For further guidance on creating this type of form there is a link to another article here: 

Performance Improvement - The performance improvement form works on a similar basis to the performance review form in the sense that the fields can be completely customised and electronically published out electronically to whoever needs to complete this. The performance improvement forms are stored in a separate section within within the Performance Module to ensure that the organisation maintains a clear record of agreed plans improvement plans following a performance review. 

Return to Work - The purpose of the return to work form is to gain further information from the employee following a period of sickness absence and to ensure that they employee is fit to return to work. Return to work forms can be linkedin directly to a time off type where the system will automatically notify managers / HR when the form must be completed. For further guidance on using return to work forms there is a link to another article here: 

Training Feedback - Training feedback forms can be created and electronically published out to employees following their attendance on a training course. For further guidance on using training feedback forms there is a link to another article:

Survey - Surveys can be published to all employees within the system using customised fields from the form builder. The survey forms can be set to either require the name of the employee on the submission or can be return anonymously.

360 feedback - 360 feedback forms also follow the familiar theme of a performance review.The main difference being that 360 feedback review forms are designed for peer-review scenarios rather than the individual employee.  Once a 360 feedback form has been created, this can be distributed directly to those individuals who are required to give their peer feedback. 

There is also the option to make 360 feedback entries anonymous so the employee's name will not appear alongside any of the responses. 

Other Form - A generic form which does not suit any of the alternative form types. Other forms can be used for any general forms where the data needs to be recorded within the system and made accessible to users via the main menu. 


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