Change Reasons & Dates

Within Natural HR, any changes which are made within the 'Change' or 'Benefits' module on the employee file can be tracked with a reason; change reasons allow the organisation to keep track of why certain job-roles are amended. 

When making a change in the system, users will be required to select the change reason from a drop-down list and select a date using the date-picker tool. 


Populating the change reason list

As HR or an admin level user, to create your list of change reasons you will need to go to Administration > HR > Change reasons - then by selecting 'Add', you will be able to populate the list of change reasons. 


Once completed, a green banner will confirm that the change reason has been added successfully. 


If you then return to either 'Change' or Benefits under the employee file, your new change reason displayed in the drop down list. 


Change Dates

Alongside the Change reasons, a date can be allocated to a change to employee's work information to keep track of when this change took place. 

The change dates field can work in one of three ways. 

A back-dated change date - If a change date is back-dated, the system will make the change immediately but mark the change as having taken place on the entered date. 

The current date - If the current date is entered (or the field is left blank) the change will be make immediately and the date marked as the current date. 

A future date - If a future change date is entered, this will be stored as a 'Pending Change'. Pending changes can be scheduled using this field where the system will store the information and make the change when the date is reached. 

Any fields which have an existing change pending will be marked with a red circular icon:


A full list of pending changes can be viewed under Administration > HR > History > Pending Changes 

Mandatory change dates and reasons

There is the option to make change dates and reasons mandatory within the system; if enabled, when a change is being made to an employee's file the submission will be blocked if the change date and reason have not been populated. 

To make these fields mandatory as an administrator, you will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Company Settings. Under 'General Settings', the field for 'Mandatory fields' will allow you select which of the date and reason fields beneath employee change and benefits will become mandatory. 

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