Training course attachments

When allocating training courses to employees, there is the option to upload attachments. This is typically used for any course materials or a syllabus which the employee may need to run through prior to or during the training course. 

On the screen where you have the option to select a training course from the library or input the information on an ad-hoc basis.

When inputting your course information, you will notice a field entitled "Course Attachment". 



You will be able to attach documents from your computer which can then be accessed for employees to view/download from within their self-service accounts. 

Accessing the attachment

Once the training fields have been completed and submitted, as an employee if you go to Self-Service > My development > My training and select the 'Magnifying glass-View' icon next to the training course they will see a document icon with a downward arrow which can be clicked to view the attachment. 



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