Total time off allowance breakdown chart

There is the option within the system to display a table beneath the Total time off allowance chart on the Self-service dashboard. 

This table will give your employees a breakdown of the allowances which make up the figures shown in the doughnut chart. 


When the employee initially logs in to the system, the chart will be hidden - to expand the chart they will need to click on the grey '+' icon alongside "Total Timeoff allowance breakdown". 


Enabling the employee allowance breakdown chart

From within an administrator account, you will need to go to:

 Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff Settings (Global)

 If you then scroll down to the 'Self-Service' section, you will need to set the "Show employee allowance breakdown on home page" field to 'Yes'. Once you submit this change, the table will appear on the homescreen for employees to view. 


Important Note: The allowance breakdown table is based on the starting balances for each time off type only - the true balance column will reflect the remaining bookable allowance. 





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