Employee goals

Within Natural HR, you can allocate goals to employees which act as tasks which they will be required to complete. 

Once allocated, an employee will be able to log in to their self-service accounts and update their progress on the goal as well as enter comments.


Goals settings 

Depending on your configuration you may need to enable goals to be able to use them.

If you to go Admin > Company > Settings > Display settings, in the modules section, you should firstly ensure that you have ticked 'Performance' and then, once ticked, under Performance Modules ensure that you have chosen 'Goals'.

On the same page there is an additional setting which determines how employees can interact with the goals module. Towards the bottom of the page under 'Employee views' there is an option for 'Goals visible to employees' which has three choices:

  • No
  • Yes - view only
  • Yes - employees can update


In Admin > Company > Settings > Company settings there is another setting which determines how updates for goals are stored.

The default option (Standard) is that the employee and manager each have an open text box into which they write their comments. Using this method the employee or manager can either append their most recent comments onto the end of the current comments or they can overwrite those previous comments and replace with the current or new comment.

The alternate option (Incremental) treats each comment as a separate entity and records the person who made the comment, the date and then saves the comment in a history so you can see the current and all previous updates and comments:


Goal categories and options

When adding a goal for an employee you can set the category as well as goal options.

Goal category allows you to determine if the goal being set is a 'Developmental' goal or a 'KPI'. Typically a developmental goal will be one which is subjective in nature - improve a skill, gain more knowledge, get better at something hence the typical whereas a KPI will typically be specifically target based such as sell £1000 of widgets, make 100 calls and so on.

In either case, when you are adding the goal you will need to choose the Goal options.

These options are the mechanism by which the employee progress will get tracked against the goal and will determine what options are displayed to the employee and manager when adding an update or indicating progress.

The options are:

  • Default - this uses the default options of Behind, On Track, At risk, Completed and Inactive
  • 1 to 5 - dropdown with options for 1 to 5
  • 1 to 10 - dropdown with options for 1 to 10
  • Percentage - this will present a blank text box into which you can enter a number
  • List - this allows you to specify your own option values which should be entered with a comma between each option such as Gold,Silver,Bronze. These will then be displayed as a dropdown option list with your choices in the list.


Show goal progress on employee home screen

If you choose 1 to 5, 1 to 10 or Percentage for the Goal option above you can optionally choose to display progress against these type of goals on the employee home page in self service. Please note: this gets displayed in place of the recent actions section.




How to allocate goals to employees 

If you go to People > Employees and select the 'Goals' icon on the employee file, you will be able to add a goal to an employee. 



If you then Select 'Add' at the bottom of the table, you will be able to add a goal to this employee. 



Once all of the fields have been completed, if you select submit - the employee will be notified by email that this goal has been assigned to them. 

The employee will then be able to update the status field and return any comments back to the manager to keep you updated with their progress. 

Once a goal has been completed it can be archived; archiving a goal will retain the record but move it away from the active list (accessed through the Goals icon on the employee card). 

To archive a goal, select the Padlock icon under 'Actions' on the employee goals list 


To view archived goals, select the 'Archived goals' button on the employee goals list - any goals which have been sent to the archive will then appear in this section. 




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