Booking time off for less than a full day (AM/PM)

When booking time off within Natural HR, there is the option to select whether or not the request is for a full day, just the morning (AM) or the afternoon (PM). 




In order for the system to accept this submission, users will need to make sure that Start and End date for the request are issued on the same day; if the start and end date of the request are different, for example, booking 2.5 days of leave, this will need to be submitted as two separate requests (2 days and a half day) so that the system can clearly recognise on which day the half day is to be taken. 

If a half-day request has been submitted, this will be indicated with AM or PM on the calendar. 



Enabling AM/PM Selection

To enable the AM/PM selection, from within an administrator account, you will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff Settings (global). You will then need to scroll down to the 'Self Service section, where the below fields can be found. 



To enable AM/PM selection, both of the following fields must be set to 'Yes':

  • "Allow employees to enter time off days/ hours"  - as employees must be able to type 0.5 if calculated in days or the number of hours in the duration box. 
  • "Allow employees to specify AM/PM for half day bookings"  

Once these fields have been changed, the changes will need to be submitted at the bottom of the page. 

From this point, when submitting a request for time off which has the same start and end date, the option to select All day, AM or PM will appear. 




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