Employee Risk Management Matrix

*Employee Risk Management Matrix only available in Professional and Enterprise solutions.*

Within Natural HR, there is the ability to flag risks against employees who do not posses mandatory training qualifications or mandatory documents. 

Once mandatory courses or documents have been selected as required against an employee's job role, selecting the "Risks" icon against an employee's file will display the individual risk matrix highlighting any risks to the companies' compliance. 

Colour Coding Key

Green - The document or training qualification is present and valid

Amber - The document or training qualification is present but the expiry date is within the next 3 months

Red - The document or training qualification is not present 


Full company Risk Matrix

A full company-wide view of all employee's risks can be viewed via Administration > HR > Risk Profile 


This company wide view will show you the risks associated for all employees - with the additional option to filter the view by Manager, Job Title, Department or Site by using the drop-down menus above the table. 

Setting mandatory documents or training courses as required

Before these can be marked as required by particular job roles to populate the risk profile, Firstly, you should make sure that the mandatory document type has been added in to the system (via Administration > HR > Mandatory documents).

Training courses will need to be added to the training course library (Via Training > Course Library) and have the "Mandatory" option set to 'yes' within the course information page. 

Once both of these are complete, you will need to edit the job role via Administration > HR > Job Roles and select which courses or documents are required for the employee's job role. 

Once submitted, both the risk profile on the employee's file and the company risk profile will recognise that the system requires these documents or qualifications and update the display accordingly. 



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