Identifying First Aiders & Fire Wardens

Within Natural HR, there is a dedicated section for identifying which of your employees are trained First Aiders and / or Fire Wardens.


The fire icon will be used to identify employees as Fire Wardens whereas, the first aid kit icon will be used to identify employees as qualified First Aiders. 

How to add First Aider and Fire Warden Icons

You will need to go to Employees > People and find the employee's file of the relevant employees within your company. 

Once you have found their personnel files, you will need to select Edit and click on tab "6" entitled "Other Information". At which point, you will see the below options to mark this employee as having either First Aid or Fire Warden qualifications. 



Once submitted, The Fire Warden and First Aider icons (respectively) will appear on both the employee file alongside their photograph and on the employee directory which is available to all employees. 

(Employee File)


Identifying First Aiders & Fire Wardens Video 

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