Training course library documents

When adding a new training course to the course library, there is the option to upload multiple documents which can then be accessed by employees who the course has been published to. 

How to upload multiple training course documents

Firstly, you will need to have added the basic course in the course library before you can upload the documents. 

Once the course has been added to the system, you will need to return to the list of all of the existing courses in the training course library where you will see the below icon appear below the "Actions" column. 


Once clicking the above icon, you will be displayed with a multiple document up-loader. 


Using this up-loader, you have the following options:

  • Dragging and dropping multiple files into the above up-loader 
  • Using the black "Add Files" at the bottom of the up-loader to search for these files from your PC. 

One the files have been dragged or entered into the up-loader, you will need to click the "Start Upload" button which will become an available option. 

Once the upload has been completed, a green "tick" below the Status column on the up-loader will signify that this has been entered into the system successfully (as shown below). 

Viewing the attached documents

To view any documents which have been attached to training courses, you will need to go back to the training course library list via Training > Course Library and select the Documents icon as described at the beginning of this article. 

At which point, any documents which have already been uploaded to the system will be displayed as a table above the up-loader for you to view or download.


Viewing the documents as an employee

After the course from the library has been allocated to an employee, they will be able view the documents by going to Self-service > My development > My training. 

They will then need to select the magnifying glass icon to "View" the training course where they will be able to see all of the information for the course and be able to interact with the documents. 


Please Note: Updating the attachments will automatically override the documents without saving the previous versions - only showing the most up to date versions of the documents. Any previous versions should be stored in an alternate location such as Company Documents. 


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