Activating a form (Form Builder)

If you have created a form within the form builder, you will need to activate this form before it will be available to use within your system. Likewise, if a member of the Natural HR team have created a form for you and dropped this into your account you this form will be automatically set to "Inactive" and must be activated before use. 

The status of the form whether this set to "Active" or "Inactive" is depicted by the column labelled "Status" within the form builder.


How to activate a form

There are a couple of methods to activate a form. 

1. When creating a new form you can set the "Active" field to yes to activate the form (also accessible via the 'Pencil' edit icon beneath "Actions".


2. Alternatively, you can select the "padlock" icon to switch on or off the form beneath the Actions column on the table - this will activate or deactivate the form respectively. 


 Once a form has been activated, this will be available to publish or select within the relevant module to allow you to start using this form. 

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