Time off blackout periods

Within Natural HR, there is the option to  set up a "time off blackout period". Enabling this feature will prohibit any authorised time off from being booked between a specified date range. 

When enabling time off blackout periods, there is the option to allow HR and / or managers to overwrite this and submit time off requests on the behalf of the employee to ignore the blackout period and add this time off manually. 

Please note: This will only work with Authorised time off, any time off types which have been set to unauthorised will not be subject to the time off blackout periods. 

To enable this feature, you will need to go to Administration > Company > Settings > Timeoff settings (global) Where under "General Settings", you will need to adjust the setting for "Timeoff blackouts" to suit your preferences. 

Once submitted, you will need to go to Administration > HR > Timeoff management > Time off blackouts to configure the date ranges which you would like the blackout to take affect. 

Once created, the system will automatically block any time off requests for authorised time off types which are entered between the designated date ranges. 


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