Schedule a meeting

Within Natural HR, there is the ability to schedule meetings with between different employees directly from the system. Once scheduled, both parties will receive email notifications to inform them that this meeting has been scheduled and an entry will be added to each of their calendars showing the details of the meeting. 

To schedule a meeting, you will need to go to Performance > Schedule a meeting and select the green 'Add' button at the bottom of the table. 

From this screen, you will be able to input the details of the meeting and submit this to send the information to the relevant recipients. 


Recurring Meetings

In the middle of the fields for scheduling a meeting there is the option for "Recurring meeting" - If multiple meetings need to be scheduled at the same time for example once every week, this can be done using recurring meetings. 

Once you use the plus icon to expand the recurring meeting fields, you will be able to schedule when each of the future meetings will occur and the end date where the recurrences will stop. 


Once submitted, all of these instances will be added to the calendar is usual. 

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