Electronically signing company documents

*Enterprise version only*

Similar to employee documents, company documents can be set up to require an electronic signature from employees to signify to HR that this document has been read and understood. 



Setting up Electronic signatures:

Firstly, you should ensure that there has been a default declaration created for employee electronic signatures. From within an administrator account, go to:

Administration > Company > Settings > Company settings

if you scroll down to the 'Self-service' section, the final field in this section entitled "Electronic signature notification text" will allow you to create your declaration message. Once completed, you should then Submit the changes at the bottom of the page. 


Uploading a company document

To upload a new company document, you will need to go to:

Documents > Company Documents

and select 'Upload' near the bottom of the screen. 


To require electronic signatures from a document, you should set the Electronic signature required field to 'Yes'.

Once an employee has signed the document, signatures can be viewed by clicking on the small tick icon under 'Actions' next to the company document. 




Important Note:

A company document which has been signed by employees cannot be deleted and will need to be archived if the document is no longer needed. 


How to electronically sign a company document

A notification will appear beneath Notices on the employee's dashboard containing the ability to sign the document directly. 



Once the employees have clicked through this notice, they will be taken to below screen where they can download the document to view it's contents and electronically sign it. 


Employees can use the Auto generated signature option to type their name into the box and automatically generate a signature. Alternatively, if they are using a mobile device and have the option to draw the signature; the draw manually option will allow them to provide a free-hand signature. 




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